With the new healthcare law,
everything is different!

Show me my cost and subsidy:

? ?


Your organization truly knows what customer service is about!  You are the true definition of it.  I have appreciated all of our meetings and interactions thus far and look forward to our continued working relationship.


Salli, you are wonderful and amazing!!!! Thanks for your help. The insurance company has overturned my claim denial and they are paying!! You guys went the extra mile to help on this and we won’t forget it.


I was impressed with your professionalism and yet your personable manner.  It’s always a genuine pleasure to talk and work with your staff, you all complement each other so well.  I appreciate your wealth of knowledge, your ability to put health insurance into words a layman can understand, your genuine care and concern for us and our staff, and your honest candor.  Bill said, “I think you made the right choice when you picked them.”  I said, “Yes sir.”


Okay – so now Tina thinks you are a “Rock Star”!  Yep, I printed out a copy of this email for her and she quickly placed it in her “Super Hero” file.  I am NOT kidding! Thanks so much for ALL your help!


You have been really supportive to our medical insurance needs. I particularly would like to thank Mary for working hard every year to minimize the cost increases and for helping me resolve issues that come up periodically.


It looks like we are going to stay with our existing plan. Thanks for all your hard work getting us decent rates!


Your company by far has the best customer service that I have ever worked with and are hands down my favorite!!!!!!!!


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